TFAR Guide

TFAR is a Teamspeak Addon and Arma 3 mod that allows us to use radios ingame. In order for it to function you need to install both the mod and the Teamspeak addon.

How do I know if my TFAR is working

Join our Training or Deployment server any time you wish, with your teamspeak open and connected to our TS. After you select a role and spawn in and are able to move and look around, check your TS. If you are moved to a new channel automatically, it works. If you haven’t been moved, something is wrong.

How do I know if TFAR is installed

Open your TS. On the top side go to ‘Tools’ and then ‘Options’. Inside there on the left side click on ‘Addons’. Look for an Addon called ‘Task Force Arrowhead Radio’ on the list. If it is there and ENABLED it is installed.

If TFAR is not installed proceed to the next step. If it is installed but not working, skip one section and go to the one after it.

Installing TFAR

  1. Download our complete modpack and load up your game with it once.

  2. Go to your Arma3 installation folder (Usually in your steam folder wherever its installed unless you designated a custom library)

  3. Inside your Arma3 game folder there should be a folder called !Workshop.

  4. If you can see the folder !Workshop, proceed to step number 6.

  5. If you can’t see the folder !Workshop:

    1. Go to your start menu and search for ‘folder options’. The first thing that pops up is called ‘File Explorer Options’. You can also open ‘File Explorer Options’ from your Control Panel.

    2. Once open navigate to the second tab on the top called ‘View’. In the list look for ‘Show hidden files and folders’ and make sure it is CHECKED. Then click OK. Now you should see the !Workshop folder.

  6. Inside the !Workshop folder look for a folder called ‘@Task Force Arrowhead Radio (BETA!!!)’

  7. Inside that folder open the folder called ‘teamspeak’

  8. Double click and install the teamspeak addon that is in there

  9. Restart your Teamspeak. TFAR is now fully installed.

TFAR not working

  1. Check that TFAR is installed and enabled by opening your Teamspeak, on the top click on ‘Tools’. Click on ‘Options’. On the left side click on ‘Addons’ and see if Task Force Arrowhead Radio is on the list of addons and enabled.

  2. Open your teamspeak, join our TS. Open your game and join the training or deployment server. Once you spawn in go back to your TS and click on your own name. On the right side box look for the following text at the bottom ‘Task Force Radio Status’.

    1. “Connected to Game: No” means either your game is not open, or you are not connected to our server and spawned in, or the version of your Teamspeak addon is too old. Read the chapter on Installing TFAR to reinstall the correct version.

  3. You have used TFAR before, but not our version. Which means your mod and Teamspeak addon are 2 different versions. Navigate to the chapter on Installing TFAR and reinstall the correct version AFTER uninstalling the correct Teamspeak addon you have.

  4. If you still can’t figure out the issue, contact a member of our Development team or ask any other member to guide you.

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